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At London Psychotherapy, we make sure that our clients are cared for as soon as they begin therapy. Some clients require counselling or psychotherapy while others need hypnotherapy as well. The approach at London Psychotherapy is to combine psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. This technique, a process known as integrative psychotherapy, is effective for a number of psychological problems. At London Psychotherapy, we believe that each client is unique and requires an individual psychotherapy programme to suit his or her needs. The hypnotherapy works in conjunction with the psychotherapy, accelerating the progress of the therapy, and heightening its effectiveness. However, in some cases, clients will have psychotherapy on its own.

London Psychotherapy has had a great deal of success treating the full range of psychological conditions. In particular, it has had success in the following areas: phobias, anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, hyperhidrosis, weight loss, smoking cessation, sexual disorders, IBS, eating disorders, stress, panic attacks and depression.

Psychotherapy is a safe and effective form of treatment; no medication is used during treatment. For an appointment, please phone the number above.

London Psychotherapy is the specialist partner of London Hypnotherapy UK.


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