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There are lots of psychotherapists in London. Where can I find the right one for me?

It is very important to choose the right psychotherapist. But how does one go about doing this? When you phone up the psychotherapist, make sure that you book an initial consultation and don’t make any commitments before you start. Go to the session and see whether you can build some rapport—it is important that you like your therapist.

How many psychotherapy sessions will I need?

This depends on you. Some people need one session every two weeks while other require three or four sessions a week—this varies a great deal. The length of the psychotherapy also varies a great deal. Some people feel ready to move on after five or six sessions, while others remain in psychotherapy for many years. When you feel that it is time to stop, it is then that you say good bye to your therapist. Most therapists at this point will say that the door is always open if you feel that you want to come back, or words to that effect. Some therapists will also say that you are welcome to come back for a ‘booster session’ if needed.

Where do I go to book an appointment?

There are many centres for psychotherapy in London—the main ones are The London Centre for Psychotherapy (LCP), London Psychotherapy (the specialist partner of London Hypnotherapy UK), The Westminster Pastoral Foundation and the Tavistock Clinic amongst many others.

How do I book an appointment?

You can go to your GP and get a referral letter, or you can just phone the psychotherapy centre and ask them to find you a therapist. It is up to you whether you want to tell your GP that you are having psychotherapy or not. All information about you, and anything you say, is highly confidential.

The Main Psychotherapy Centres in London

The London Centre for Psychotherapy (020 7467 8564)

The North West London Psychotherapy Centre (020 7431 5192)

London Psychotherapy (0207 467 8564)

The Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy (020 8371 0180)

The Tavistock Clinic (020 8435 7111)

The Westminster Pastoral Foundation (020 7378 2000)


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