Psychotherapy in London

Psychotherapy in London: a Brief Overview

There are many centres for psychotherapy in London, the many ones being the London Centre for Psychotherapy in Kentish Town, The Westminster Foundation and London Psychotherapy, which is based in Harley Street. There are many other psychotherapists in North, East, West, South and central London.

What type of psychotherapist do I need?

It is important to do you research before you ring up a psychotherapist. Do you want a Freudian psychotherapist, a Jungian psychologist, a Kleinian psychotherapist or an independent psychotherapist. You would be well advised to have a consultation session to decide the boundaries of your treatment. For instance, you will need to know how many sessions you should have a week, when the breaks are and when you therapist goes on holiday. You will need to know how much notice have to give if you want to miss a session. Some therapists are very strict on this.

How do I book a session?

At the London Centre for Psychotherapy and at the Westminster Foundation, they will have to find an appropriate psychotherapist to suit your needs. At London Psychotherapy, all you need to do is to ring the office and Kraft will phone you back with an appointment time.

How many sessions do I need a week?

This varies and will discussed in the first session or when ever it feel appropriate.

For how long will I need psychotherapy?

You will know when it is time to stop. The decision is yours. You are in control.


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