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Where do I go for psychotherapy in London. How many psychotherapy sessions do I need a week?

There are many psychotherapists in London. There is the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, London Psychotherapy, based in Harley Street, and the London Centre for Psychotherapy in Kentish Town. When you choose your therapist, it is important to make sure that you choose one that suits you. It is important that you trust your psychotherapist and that you take some control of your therapy. Some therapists will insist that you have a certain number of sessions in a term, and that you give at least a month if you wish to cancel. There are many reasons why they do this. There can be a great deal of resistance in therapy and some clients avoid going to the therapy because it is sometimes hard work. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement you must make this clear at the beginning on the treatment. Some psychotherapists will insist that you have a certain number of sessions a week; again, there is a reason for this. Again, if you are not comfortable with this, it is important that you find another psychotherapist before continuing treatment.

The number of psychotherapy sessions you need per week varies. Some people find that one session a week is sufficient; however, others find that waiting a whole week for the next session is a long time. In addition, if you have two sessions a week, you have twice the amount of time to cover more ground. Having two sessions a week allows the psychotherapist more chance to analyze and make suggestions: during the week, there is amble opportunity to pick up ideas and concepts and this helps continuity. For instance, some clients might have a session on Monday and on Wednesday; here, some of the associations and themes can be re-visited during the second session of the week. There are those who need or prefer to have three or more sessions a week. This is intensive psychotherapy, and is designed for people who really need support at that time. As the psychotherapy continues over the months or years, the number of sessions that one has tends to reduce, although this is not always the case.

David Kraft at London Psychotherapy is very clear about how many sessions one should have in the week. As soon as someone comes for the initial appointment, he makes sure that the person feels comfortable and in control. The issue of how many sessions a week is something that often comes up in this first session. Kraft makes it very clear that it is up to the client as to how many sessions she or he requires, and that this can change if and when it is necessary. Kraft believes that, for most people, it is important to have regular sessions because it is important for continuity and helps the momentum of the treatment. However, the psychotherapy regime is set by the client.

How do I book a psychotherapy session?

All one needs to do is to phone the office and book a session with the psychotherapist. Often, he will ring you back when he is not busy. The phone number for London Psychotherapy is 020 7467 8564.


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