Telephone Psychotherapy

If you are an individual or a manager of a company, you will know that stress and anxiety can cause huge problems both at work and at home.

London Hypnotherapy UK, in association with London Psychotherapy, offer telephone psychotherapy sessions at a competitive rate. Single sessions can be booked on: 0207 467 8564 appointments last for 50 minutes and cost £80.

We also offer a care package to individuals and companies throughout the UK. During the first consultation, we will assess your individual needs and then organize a care package of 6 to 12 sessions. The consultation session is of an hour’s duration and also costs £80, while the care package, with its discounted rate, can be organized as follows:

Care Package 1

6 sessions X £70 = £420 total

Care Package 2

12 sessions X £70 = £840 total

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